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Discover Why Over 1,000,000 Aussies Like Don Choose Holistic Health

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Don represents just one of the million Australians who've embraced alternative medicine treatments as part of their holistic health journey.

Alternative medicine is helping people like Don achieve a better quality of life without traditional medications.

Explore further to see if alternative treatments could be right for you.

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Who Can Benefit from Alternative Treatments?

In Australia, alternative treatments are an option for those enduring conditions persisting for over 3 months, where conventional treatments have fallen short.

Alternative medicines are prescribed for over 140 conditions, with more than a million prescriptions since 2016.

Any doctor can prescribe alternative medicine so long as patients meet the guidelines set by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

How Do You Get Started With Alternative Treatments?

Alternaleaf's simple process. 30 second Pre-screen, Consultation, Delivery.

Alternaleaf simplifies the process, providing hassle-free access to care and consultations in a secure environment.

  • Pre-screening: Begin with a simple online assessment to determine if alternative medicine is suitable for you.
  • Telehealth Consultation: Connect with a nurse to discuss your concerns and explore your alternative treatment options.
  • Regular Follow-ups: Stay on track with regular check-ins to adjust treatment as needed.
  • Discreet Delivery: If eligible, your prescribed medicine is discreetly delivered to your doorstep.
  • Easy Reordering: Manage follow-ups and orders conveniently through our online system.
  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of patients on a similar journey.
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How Much Does Alternative Medicine Cost?

Consultation Costs

Your first visit to Alternaleaf costs $59. This includes the pre-screening, nurse's assessment, and doctor's appointment. The cost of follow-up visits starts at $59 and can vary. We offer extra support to help you every step of the way.

Patient on telehealth appointment with doctor.

Alternative Medicine Cost

Most private health insurers cover some or all of the costs for alternative medicine. However, some of the largest health insurers in Australia still don’t offer coverage for alternative medicine, so you need to ensure your insurer offers coverage before making a claim.

Is There Discounted Concession Pricing?

Yes, the Alternaleaf Concession Program is available to all holders of a Commonwealth-issued Health Card, Veterans Card or Seniors Health & Pensioner Concession Card.

As a member of the program, you'll receive 10% off all consultation costs and prescribed medicines and access to a concession product range that costs 44% less than comparable plant medicine products (as of June 2023).

The Promising Future of Alternative Medicine

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In the years ahead, more research will be conducted into the benefits of alternative medicine. Our skilled medical team is ready to guide you through your alternative health journey.

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